Seqouia and Kings Canyon Photo Gallery

Hadn't spent any time in this area since I was a young child. I drove through quickly once about 15 years ago. We spent Wednesday through Sunday there on this trip. We researched our camping space and were able to use Google Maps to locate it. They even had a street view of the site! That was pretty cool. We stayed at Sunset Camping Grounds. They are a first come, first serve site and that is why we went on Wednesday. There are two super nice sites that overlook the western valley and have incredible views of the sunset at night. They are also quite large with 3 or 4 spots that you could put a tent on. We kept pretty busy here. One cave tour, climbed Moro Rock, (not for the squeamish if heights freak you out at all), trip down Kings Canyon. What an amazing view!! Lots of waterfall walks. One of the coolest things was the water in the rivers was raging. The weather was awesome but the rangers said that they were closed the week before due to snow. It was hard to believe but apparently they had a fair amount of snow in the high regions and it was melting pretty good while we were there. People were saying that they had NEVER seen so much water. It was pretty awesome. One warning I would give anyone heading up there is don't enter at the south end of the park during the summer. Sadly they pretty much are doing road work every single year on this road and there are considerable delays. We actually had to park our car in the middle of the road for nearly an hour at one point, with a half dozen other delays that added up to more than an hour. The result was that we pulled into the campsite very late in the day instead of our hope of around 1 or 2 pm. We didn't get our site the first night but luckily the people who got it, only stayed that single night. We grabbed it as soon as they left. Anyhow, this is truly one of the most beautiful places to visit I have ever been.