Switching Themes

I've been working with a new theme for a couple of other sites that I run and decided to switch to that one here.  This is a bit of a challenge for me because the themes are different and much of the CSS will need a complete re-edit.  The div id's and classes have been renamed and their order is different so my old CSS doesn't really apply anymore. Anyhow for anyone who may be looking, that is deal.

Events Page Finally Working

When I first added this plug-in, there were problems and it wasn't working correctly.  Didn't really do anything, just ignored it for a couple of weeks and the developer finally fixed the problems. I added a contact sheet for the event notification, if you want a link to your event. Really I am just including, major annual events in this.  There are ways to automate it, rather than use a contact form but I am not sure I want to do it that way.  I will look at it more in the future.  This is it for now. The links are located in the top navigation bar under events. You can view the calendar.  First link at the top of the calendar says agenda.  This will give you list of events entered by date.

Lesson Learned

I am uploading a big photo gallery through the software for WP. It slows the heck out of the site. I won't do that again in the future. Small photo galleries are OK but the large ones will have to be uploaded at night. Sorry about the slowdown. If finally finished. Ouch!

Issue With New Site

I'm going through a fairly drastic change here.  For those of you who have links to various pages and images on my site, I have removed most of them.   Over time, I may bring some of them back but I am changing the fundamental way that I am using the non-forum areas of the site.  I will stockpile some pages of information as time goes by but most of the content will be based on my personal blog information that will include information on food, drink, and travel. If there is an article or image that you would like to see come back, contact me and let me know. I will have a contact form built by the end of the day.

New Site Coming!

I have been using Joomla for the website here for the past year but have recently come to the conclusion that it was not really serving my purposes very well. I have been playing around with WordPress on my personal site, you see it at: Brad Harrington WP has improved a lot over the years, has a very clean code at it's core and is fairly easy to write custom code for.  There are also a fair number of plugin's already available.  It will take me a few days to get stuff moved over and set up.