Rack of Pork with Mustard Rub and Mushroom Sauce

Rack of Pork with Mushroom RaguMaureen and I cooked a rack of pork for dinner that turned out spectacular. We picked up an 8 ribbed rack from Costco, which carries them during the winter holidays. They come fairly well trimmed, have an eighth of an inch wrap of fat that we were tempted to trim before cooking but opted to leave in order to use it to help baste the meat during cooking and keep it moist.     We made a rub from:Rack of Pork with Mushroom Ragu and Kale Chips Dijon mustard lemon juice splash of white wine fresh Thyme garlic ancho paste green and red peppercorns. We cooked at 350º F, until the internal temp was 138º, pulled it out and let it sit for about 15 minutes or so, or until the internal temp reached 148º and then sliced off the first two ribs. The middle of the roast was perfectly cooked, white but very moist. There was a little pink on the darker part of the meat, but this was more the exterior sections of the meat so it did not worry me in the slightest. We made a saute of mushrooms, using: small shitakes king trumpets, (also called Eryngii) oysters chanterelles criminis I started out sauteing some pancetta. When that was browned up I added a bit more olive oil and then added the garlic along with shitakes and the trumpets because they are firmer in texture and need a bit more time to saute than the others. After a bit of time passed I added all the rest of the mushrooms, cooked them down a bit and then added a little chicken broth. When I got this all cooked down a fair amount, I added some fresh thyme and cooked that in.  I added some brandy until I had a solid flavor base of it in my mushrooms, then I started adding heavy cream. 2 thirds of a cup in all. Reduced that until it was thick, salt and peppered to taste. I made some kale chips prior to cooking the rack. That was dinner, we served it with a bottle of the 1998 Pride Cabernet Sauvignon, which was awesome. Pretty nice meal. I would highly recommend the rack of pork from Costco. The huge 8 rib rack which are just over $20. The chops are huge when you cut the ribs, much thicker than a rack of lamb chop.