Wa Dining Okan

Wa Dining OkanThis is an awesome place.  A hole in the wall and fairly unassuming.  We went there for my birthday and were prepared to spend a whole lot more than we did.  I had heard that it was fairly expensive.  That is far from the truth, we only spent around $60 and I was ordering as much as I could, though Maureen was eating lightly.  She still tried most everything that I ordered. We ordered Gobo Salad, braised Nagasaki Pork, Roasted Duck with Green Onions, Asparagus Wrapped with Pork, Chicken Gizzards, Agedashi Dofu, Hamachi Cheeks, Pudding with Black Honey. The ONLY thing in this list that was not absolutely terrific was the gizzards.  They were nice but not particularly special.  The pork and duck dishes were to die for, as was the Hamachi Cheeks. They were having a special on two different Saki's, one was bone dry and the other had a hint of sweetness, I opted for the bone dry one.  Didn't get a name but it was a nice Saki. We sat next to a very nice fellow who had eaten at the restaurant a large number of times.  He bought a bottle of wine for the lady who works there, perhaps a shift manager, not sure? But he went over and whispered into her ear and she sent us a glass of Far Niente Cabernet Sauvignon that was quite lovely, full of cigar box complexities that went very nicely with the foods we had. Overall, this is a great place and high on our list of Japanese restaurants.  We are looking forward to returning.

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