Brasserie Dieu Ciel! Rosée d’Hibiscus

Brasserie Dieu Ciel! Rosée d'Hibiscus This is a bit of a weird beer but I loved it. Comes off as a light brown ale with brown spice and hibiscus. I love hibiscus tea and this delivered that tart flowery citrus character that I have grown to love in the tea. What surprises me with this is that I read it was a wheat beer, which I didn't exactly pick up at the time but in retrospect, probably should have guessed. While it is fairly rich with decent weight, there was some weight lacking in the finish that I attributed to the hibiscus being so dominant. It was probably the wheat character that I had misread. Anyhow, I loved the balance on this and thought it to be a great summer sipper. Very quenching with interesting things going on.

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